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Nancy Perry Eaton


Attorney Nancy Perry Eaton with her St. Bernard dog

Nancy has been practicing law since 1992. Her practice has focused on family law, probate, estate planning, real estate, and business law. Nancy focuses on alternatives to allow people to reach agreements outside the courtroom.

She graduated from the University of Oklahoma in 1986 receiving a Bachelor’s of Business Administration. She then attended law school at Oklahoma City University and received her Juris Doctor in 1991. Following law school, Nancy worked as an enforcement attorney for the Railroad Commission of Texas in Austin, Texas. She later worked for the Texas Department of Transportation, Motor Vehicle Division, as both an enforcement attorney and an administrative law judge. In 2002, Nancy moved to Fort Worth, Texas and worked in private practice for Gardner, Aldrich & Murphey, LLC.

She left the firm in 2004 to start her own firm, The Perry Law Firm. Later, in 2012, Nancy opened a second office in Odessa, Texas. Nancy has deep West Texas roots, and her family has lived there for over 80 years. Her father, Charles R. Perry, is an icon in the area, having built Perry Gas Companies, Inc. from the ground up. Nancy worked for her father before attending law school where he taught her the value of hard work and integrity. Nancy has always carried that philosophy with her. 

Attorney Nancy Perry Eaton and her German Shepherd dog In 2015, Nancy met her husband, Peter, a retired Navy Captain, and physician. He convinced her to move to Salado, Texas with him. She shut down the Perry Law Firm and worked for another local Bell County firm. She worked there until 2019 when she decided to strike out on her own again with the Law Office of Nancy Perry Eaton, PLLC.

She enjoys spending time on her ranch with her family, walking her five dogs, and visiting her son, an Eagle Scout, in Lubbock while he attends Texas Tech University