Can I Still Get Divorced While Courts Are Closed?


The COVID-19 pandemic essentially put much of our lives on pause. However, many of us still have needs that cannot wait for the country to fully reopen. For example, if you wish to get a divorce, you might not be willing to hold off on moving forward with the process, especially if living together is becoming increasingly difficult. Thankfully, you can still get a divorce even while courts are closed. Keep in mind that divorce litigation is only one type of approach for those who are interested in dissolving their marriage. Other methods include collaborative divorce, divorce mediation, arbitration, or negotiations between your respective attorneys.

Once you resolve all the key issues in your divorce, such as child custody and property division, the clerks can file the paperwork and a judge will sign and email it, ultimately finalizing the process.

Getting Divorced Without Setting Foot in Court

Although people tend to believe getting a divorce means enduring a courtroom hearing and a long, contentious process, the fact is that many spouses get divorced without setting foot in court, regardless if there is a pandemic or not. Many of the approaches listed above are not only less stressful, but they are often more cost-effective, result in better terms, and take less time than divorce litigation.

At the Law Office of Nancy Perry Eaton, PLLC, our family law team has helped finalize many divorce cases through the aforementioned methods. It might feel like life is at a standstill, but you do not have to put this important, life-altering decision on hold when there are so many options available to you.

If you are unsure if you and your spouse can work on achieving a mutually agreeable outcome for your case, you should at least take a moment to consult with an attorney. Many of these methods are designed to help minimize conflict and keep both parties on track to ensure successful results, even if you are not on the best of terms.

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If you wish to get a divorce, the COVID-19 pandemic cannot stop you. There are many options available that will not require you to attend court. At the Law Office of Nancy Perry Eaton, PLLC, our family law team is backed by decades of experience and will help you navigate the unique circumstances of your case.

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